Geriatric Care Management

Geriatric Care Management

Geriatric care managers oversee each client’s team of caregivers and serve as a family’s main point of contact. Generally nurses or social workers with deep experience with the healthcare system, our care managers advocate for clients, coordinate services, communicate with physicians and hospitals staff, and solve a wide variety of problems. With a network of established professionals, we understand the resources and facilities in the community. Our care managers have helped thousands of clients meet their healthcare challenges, and we use that experience to find solutions for you.

How a Geriatric Care Manager Helps:

  • Keep seniors as healthy as possible.

Coordinated, consistent care is essential for seniors with chronic or complex health conditions. A geriatric care manager’s long-term relationship with the client ensures customized services as health needs change.

  • Support family caregivers.

A geriatric care manager manages the logistics of caregiving so families can focus on providing emotional support. Partnering with an experienced, objective eldercare expert can lead to peace of mind and improve family relationships.

  • Reduce unnecessarily hospital and nursing home admissions.

Health care coordination & in-home support means fewer admissions, safer discharges, and more time at home.

  • Ensure safe hospital to home transitions. 

A geriatric care manager will advocate for your loved one while they are in the hospital, so they get the best possible care. Safe transitions from hospital to home or hospital to a new living situation are our specialty. We handle all the details so you don’t have to.

You’re Not Alone!

Many, many families have faced challenges very similar to yours. See how Allegiant Home Care has helped them here.

It’s Never Too Late to Start Making Things Better

A Geriatric Care Manager can start working with your family at any stage. Some families partner with a Geriatric Care Manager early in a preventive fashion to promote health and longevity. Other families call us when faced with a crisis, such as an escalating health situation or hospitalization. At any stage, we respond according to the needs of each person and develop a plan to improve quality of life for everyone involved.  Get help now!