Nursing & Specialty Care

Allegiant’s nurses are licensed clinical professionals who conduct physical assessment, develop senior care plans, and supervise home health aides and other caregivers. All of our nurses are licensed and are trained to work with families to develop senior care plans that meet the client’s health needs in a culturally and personally sensitive way. We have nurses with specific areas of expertise including psychiatric nursing, Alzheimer’s and dementia, diabetes, and other conditions.


Our nurses are available for a free phone consultation. Call and you may see why our nursing team is mentioned in so many client testimonials.

Nurse Liaison Program

Emergency room visits can be frightening.  You may not be thinking clearly, and hospital staff has dozens of other patients to attend to. While in the emergency room, you may feel as though your emergency is a burden to your friends and family who may be far away. We all take steps to prevent emergencies, but few people have the training and experience to do this well.


Our Nurse Liaison program is a crisis prevention and management program designed to reduce emergency room visits and to assist you when they occur. Under this program, a nurse will visit you monthly to discuss and stay ahead of health issues. Should an emergency occur, a nurse will meet you in the hospital and stay with you while you are in the emergency room.


The program has several coordinated elements:

  • An opening visit, during which a nurse discusses your health and completes a health and home safety assessment.
  • A confidential clinical and demographic profile maintained by our staff, so that your health information and emergency contacts are available when needed.
  • Monthly visits from a nurse to address any changes in health status and update your health profile and care plan, if necessary. During these visits the nurse will monitor chronic conditions and identify new health issues that need attention. If you wish, the nurse can call and speak with a family member after each monthly visit.
  • Up to two phone calls to a nurse each month to discuss any health questions you or your family may have.
  • Emergency support in the hospital. After you notify us of an emergency room visit, a nurse will find you there and stay with you. The nurse will help communicate with hospital staff, give you peace of mind and see that you receive the attention you need. If your family cannot come to the hospital, we will communicate with them until you are either admitted to the hospital or discharged.

All of these ongoing services are available for a flat monthly fee. Call to learn more about this innovative program and learn how it can give you and your family peace of mind.