At Allegiant Home Care, we believe high quality care and high quality of life go hand in hand. We’re dedicated to setting the standard for private in-home health services, making sure excellent caregivers work together and put the patient’s needs and desires first. We provide care for a variety of patients ranging from older adults to children with special needs, each with the care and compassion that they deserve.

Our private, custom care services make Allegiant a single advocate for your physical, mental, and emotional health. We’re committed to providing professional-level care guided by your needs and preferences, and in alliance with your loved ones and physicians.

Our Approach

  1. Make you feel heard and respected: We don’t have a “standard” package of services. Each situation is unique, as is each care plan and caregiver relationship. Our experienced caregivers have worked with thousands of patients, and know that each is different.

  2. Aim for happy and healthy: It’s not enough to merely provide adequate care. We want our patients to feel comfortable and happy. If there’s anything we can do to help accomplish that, even if it’s not health-related, we’ll help take care of it. We’re a full-service home care solution that aims to benefit the whole person.

  3. Connect the pieces: We will, with your support, speak with your physician and other caregivers to serve as your private advocate and trusted healthcare expert. We take care of remembering medications, treatment plans, and recommendations so you don’t have to.

  4. Build an excellent team: Our caregivers go through a highly selective process to find the most compassionate, committed, and skillful individuals.

About Our Logo

Our logo features the leaf of the American Elm, a tree that has a strong link to New York City, where Allegiant started. Elms are some of the oldest and strongest trees in the city, from beautiful Poet’s Walk in Central Park to the 300-year-old elm on 163rd Street where George Washington is said to have watched the battle of Washington Heights during the American Revolution. These trees grow strong and vital. However, like many of the people we work with, they may need individualized care to live healthy and long lives.

Giving Back to Our Community

At Allegiant, we’re dedicated to being a good neighbor and positive influence in the communities we serve. We offer complimentary health counseling to anyone in our coverage area to help individuals understand their insurance benefits and caregiver options. Even if it means the individual doesn’t choose Allegiant, we pride ourselves on matching people with the most appropriate caregivers for their needs and insurance plan, free of charge. We also provide free community health services through our outreach programs, including blood pressure checks, heart rate monitoring, and other routine tests for common health concerns.

We’re proud to hire locally in the communities we serve and have employed over a thousand healthcare professionals across our service areas. In many cases, we pay for the certifications our employees need in order to work with our clients, including covering the cost of new certifications for those who are currently unemployed or recently immigrated to the United States. Once employed, our health professionals receive ongoing professional development and training free of charge. Many of our health aides stay with Allegiant long-term, while others have used the training we provided to take positions in emergency services, hospitals, or other high-level health occupations.

Read What Others Have to Say

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