Navigating the healthcare system and your individual care plan can be complicated and stressful. It’s difficult to keep track of all the options, recommendations, medical terminology,  appointments, and follow-up that are essential parts of your ongoing treatment.

As nurses and social workers with healthcare experience, our care managers take care of appointments, evaluating treatment options, managing medications, communication with primary care physicians and specialists, and all other aspects of your treatment for you. 

Continuity of Care During Transitions

After a hospitalization or trip to an outpatient facility, consistent, coordinated care is the key to staying as healthy as possible. Our care managers can help set up an in-home plan that matches your physician’s recommendations, giving you professional care from the comfort of your own home.

Successfully navigating the transition to home care could mean the difference between returning to the hospital and returning to your normal, healthy life. Recovery from operations, broken bones, injuries, or emotional stress can be a long process. However, with the right care management, we can make your recovery as fast and as comfortable as possible.

Prevent Hospital Visits

Spend more time at home and avoid unnecessary hospital and outpatient visits with our in-home care and the ability to contact us anytime, 24/7. Because we know your medical history, we can help you make wise decisions about whether you need to visit the hospital, a doctor, or if it’s something your nurse can assess in your home.

When going to the doctor or the hospital, your family can rest easy knowing you have a trained advocate to get you the best possible care and to help you transition back to home as quickly and safely as possible.

Talk to a Care Manager, Free of Charge

Good care management takes a holistic picture of your health and well being to help you make smarter decisions about treatment options and recovery. 

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